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I hired these guys to solve a rat problem, and redo crawlspace/attic insulation & moisture barrier. The job was done well, but the door to the crawlspace wasn't sealed properly and rats got back in. Long story short, I had a lapse of warranty coverage because the company changed ownership, but the new owner has taken full responsibility and they sent over two great guys to re-do the work. Glad to finally feel like my crawlspace is rat-free, AND that the new company will honor the warranty I purchased less than a year ago. WHEW! Thank you David and team. Julio and Ray did a great job.

Marcello N.

Yelp Verified Review

Super Attic Solutions did a super job! Isaac Biton sold a great solution based on my wants, needs and budget! He listened! He suggested other means of keeping the house cool instead of installing a whole house fan. The install team led by Guillermo arrived as scheduled and completed the job as promised, in one day! I work for a catering company, we come in and transform a place with tables, linen and decor then add exceptional food and service. When its over, you couldn't tell we were even there! Super Attic Solutions did the same thing! My house was clean before, during and after. We don't have rodent issues. We won't going forward either because of their prevention work. Rodent proofing the attic from inside and sealing all possible entry points for rodents. Rodent Proofing Method: Mesh wire with screws or Steel wool and foam. I feel a difference in the morning temperature. The install of new batts insulation R38 Attic of owens cornings and install roof of Reflectix radiant barrier is a great combo for our home. We got quotes from others, but we didn't get specifics on the type of products being used like Super Attic Solutions provided. Call and hire them!

Dianne M.

Google Verified Review

This guys are the best! First of , they are quick and affordable! We start hearing scratchy noises from crawl space couple of weeks ago, then we start hearing rodents running inside the walls. Very unpleasant noise and kept me up all night. I called super attic Solutions. They came very quickly, set traps and found one dead rat in the attic. They also noticed that attic insulation was old and offered very reasonably priced replacement. So I got new attic insulation and house is rodent free too. Very happy with the outcome and highly recommend! Thank you

Nataliya B.

Google Verified Review

I heard noises in the attic for months, and I neglected to do anything about it. It wasn't until I went up there to dig out some old memorabilia that I actually saw mice running around! I tried to catch them but I knew that this wasn't something I could handle on my own. After a lot of research, I stumbled across Super Attic Solutions and they gave me an honest quote to locate and remove the rats. After it was all said and done, they removed the dead rat in the wall, killed the rodents in the attic, and ensured they wouldn't come back by doing some rodent proofing throughout the attic and walls. They did some insulation removal in my attic to ensure it was properly rodent proofed, and I couldn't be happier with the work they did for me. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to solve any rat problems you have in your attic, walls, or even crawl spaces.

Charles M.

Google Verified Review

This is the best rodent solution ever. I was hearing scratches in the attic for some time. Then it stopped. Me being a scare freak when it comes to rodents. I had to have attic solutions come on out. And there it was the rodent dead in my attic. They were quick on getting in n getting bad rodent out my attic. Thank you attic solution. Highly recommend

Elisa P.

Google Verified Review

We experienced our fair share of rodent, flea infestation issues. The neighbors cats seemed to love our back yard.. Week after week we would hear scratching and hissing noises underneath the floorboard/crawl space.. Often, there were foul smells emanating through the floor vents and wafting through the kitchen and living room.. It was very uncomfortable to bare knowing we were sharing our home with rodents. Several companies came to our place to investigate the issues and spray the perimeters to no avail. Until we reached out to Super Attic Solutions Inc..They were hands on.. their guy got underneath the crawl space and even found a dead possum. He recommended that we insulate the crawl space and we took heed to his advice.. It's been over two years and no more fleas, no more rodent issues!

Micky P.

Google Verified Review

Hello friends, some time ago I began to make noises in my attic just like I smelled like rat. I do not know how the dead rat smells until this excellent company told me that I had rats in my attic and maybe some dead on my wall but they did a very professional job and ended with the noises in the attic and the bad holor a dead rat ... thanks friends of sper atico solutions

Emmanuel Z.

Google Verified Review

Hi everyone I wanted to share with you my expierence with rodents and how I was able to terminate them. I recently purchased a home in the San Jose area and after moving in found myself and family with a bad rodent problem. So I searched for a great Roodent proofing and exclusion company that removes rodents such as rats and mice. They specialize in insulation removal in the attic and insulation removal in the crawl space. If you ever hear rats or mice crawling in your walls or attic this definatly is the company to call. They are by appointment only which is ok. They got back to me within 24 hours and were at my property just as fast. They were professional and did a fantastic thorough job. They wear professional attire and shoe covers since we don't wear shoes in our home. They got rid of our disgusting issue and now I feel comfortable in our new yet used home. If you ever need help with rodents look no further. I definitely give them 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.....

Tracey V.

Yelp Verified Review

We had a big rodent problem in our house and all the insulation was damaged. Aaron showed up, explained everything from start to finish and even helped us with budget. The showed up on time and finished quickly and cleanly! Will definitely recommend to all my friends that need insulation and or Rodent proofing!

Danielle L.

Yelp Verified Review

So what basically started as everyone's nightmare (hearing noises in the attic) and eventually finding a dead rat on the wall, I had to get help immediately, so I did what everyone in desperate need does. I googled it and I crossed my fingers hoping I'd get help I needed as fast as possible. I felt the need to leave a review and just say how incredibly thankful I am for not only the quickness but also the outstanding service I got and the rodent proofing I got, it was great work, and just great overall service from the staff.

Gisselle H.

Yelp Verified Review

Super Attic Solutions saved me! I had been hearing some scratching noises from my ceiling, especially in the evenings. We tried to handle the problem ourselves with rat poison and we made the problem worse! The house started to smell from the dying rats!!! Super Attic Solution came out right away, not only did they set traps, they found a dead rat in the wall, and fixed the point of entry!!! They solved our rodent problems within a few weeks all at an affordable rate! The men who came out where timely and professional and for right to work. They explained everything in a way that I would understand and just were very respectful! Thank you Super Attic Solutions we will definitely use you again!

Alicia A.

Yelp Verified Review

I came across this rodent control through one of my friends. I was having bad time with rodent in the attic. In the nights I used to hear scampering noises from the attic and I had seen rats climbing on the walls of the house and it was ewwww kind of feeling. My frend had good experience with Super Attic Solutions and gave me their phone number to discuss the problem with them. I called them and they scheduled appointment the next day for inspection. I was shocked to know that there were dead rats in the wall. They explained me the problem and did insulation removal and the job was very well done. They were quite knowledgable in identifying the exact issue and now my house is free from the rodents. I am glad to find them!!

Swetha S.

Yelp Verified Review


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